Bunionplasty® 360 Bunion Repair™

Revolutionary. Minimally invasive. Walk the same day.

  • Enjoy attractive results in all dimensions
  • Leave in a small surgical sandal
  • Correct both feet at once
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What is the Bunionplasty® Procedure?

Restore your life and reclaim your style.

The Bunionplasty® 360 Bunion Repair™ procedure is the revolutionary, next-generation minimally invasive bunion surgery (MIBS) that gives your doctor the chance to let you walk right away. It uses patented technology and patent-pending surgical techniques to deliver superior results and a faster return to daily activities. Even if you have both feet done at once.

New Minimally Invasive SurgeryPatented technology and patent-pending method with tiny incisions.
Eliminating BunionsRestores proper alignment with natural bone regeneration.
Day-One WalkingJust a small surgical sandal - No Casts No Crutches®.


Results that look great from every angle.

Can you picture it? Of course, each patient is unique, and so are their results.

Bunionplasty® Before & After |  Mild Bunion | Right Foot
Bunionplasty® Before & After  |  Large Bunion  |  Right Foot
Bunionplasty® Before & After  |  Severe Bunion  |  Right Foot

Our unique searchable Before & After gallery features real patient images that represent the results of the patent-pending Bunionplasty® procedure technique. A number of these procedures were performed using the patented Revcon™ minimally invasive screw system – next-generation bone screws designed specifically for use in the minimally invasive Bunionplasty® procedure.

Bunion Surgery Deserves a Glow-Up

Say goodbye to outdated bunion procedures.

Our Believer Stories feature real patients, not AI-generated models or paid actors, who have experienced the Bunionplasty® procedure using state-of-the-art fixation methods at the time of their procedure and first-generation implants not manufactured by Voom™ Medical Devices, Inc.

A woman running in the sand in her bare feet

Walking Recovery

Walk the same day, even with both feet repaired.

The Bunionplasty® 360 Bunion Repair™ procedure uses proprietary technology and techniques that stabilize the bones. It’s minimally invasive bunion surgery (MIBS) – the real deal, not just bunion surgery with smaller incisions.

That’s what makes it possible to walk immediately after surgery in just a small surgical sandal, even if you’ve had bunions corrected on both feet. Of course, it’s up to your doctor, so now is the perfect time to find out more.

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Remember, medical decisions like a walking recovery, correction of both feet, and other bunion surgery considerations are at your doctor’s discretion, based on your personal needs, health status, and other individual factors. Please see Patient Risk for more information.

A mother in bare feet riding in a scooter with her son


Medically necessary and covered by insurance.*

Bunion surgery is medically necessary, so most insurance providers cover the Bunionplasty® procedure. We hand-select, train, and certify only the most qualified surgeons to perform this innovative yet time-tested surgery. Once we’ve helped you find the best surgeon for you, their practice will work with your provider to help determine your coverage.

*Coverage may vary among health insurance providers. Please work with your doctor and insurance carrier to determine your coverage.

Find a doctor and take the next step.

Life is too short to suffer from bunion pain. Find a doctor and ask for the Bunionplasty® 360 Bunion Repair™ procedure today!

Bunionplasty® Procedure
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This website describes typical recovery timelines and results for the Bunionplasty® 360 Bunion Repair™ procedure; however, each patient is different and all medical decisions, including No Casts No Crutches® and same-day walking recovery in a surgical sandal, are are at the doctor’s sole discretion, in close communication with the patient. As a medical device manufacturer, Voom™ Medical Devices, Inc., cannot and does not provide any opinions or other medical advice to patients, nor can it recommend or endorse any particular provider. Please see Patient Risk for more information, and always contact your doctor for medical advice.

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