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Today’s patients are more educated than ever, and that’s a good thing. We’ll position you to earn their trust, with our patent-pending technique, patented technology, and rigorous training program led by the field’s icons and innovators. Join the elite team of surgeons who are performing the Bunionplasty® procedure and achieving consistent, reproducible results.

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Patients ask for it by name.

The Bunionplasty® 360 Bunion Repair™ procedure is more than just a surgery. It’s the culmination of two decades of expertise across thousands of bunion surgeries, combined with a unique approach to patient care that supports better outcomes. So give your patients the benefit of heightened training and robust education, and let them know their feet are in the best possible hands.

“Dr. Blitz’s advancement in foot and ankle surgery has changed the perception of surgical intervention for patients suffering from bunions.”


Program Overview

A few examples of what your training will entail:

Online learning

Online learning

A virtual didactic Essentials Course gives a deep foundation for MIBS.

Hands-on practice

Hands-on practice

Complete our Skills Course comprised of sawbone workshop and cadaveric lab.

Demonstrated aptitude

Demonstrated aptitude

Achieve successful MI bone screw placement and successful nerve and skin techniques.

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Bunionplasty® Procedure
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This website describes typical recovery timelines and results for the Bunionplasty® 360 Bunion Repair™ procedure; however, each patient is different and all medical decisions, including No Casts No Crutches® and same-day walking recovery in a surgical sandal, are are at the doctor’s sole discretion, in close communication with the patient. As a medical device manufacturer, Voom™ Medical Devices, Inc., cannot and does not provide any opinions or other medical advice to patients, nor can it recommend or endorse any particular provider. Please see Patient Risk for more information, and always contact your doctor for medical advice.

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